Technology Planning in Portsmouth

“The purpose of the Portsmouth schools is to educate all students by challenging them to become thinking, responsible, contributing citizens who continue to learn throughout their lives.”

New digital technologies raise great expectations. The exponential rate of technological advances demands that school districts prepare students for the future with the 21st century skills to access and evaluate information from a variety of digital sources (Broward County Tech Plan, 2007). As we revise our technology plan for the next three years, we admit that things have progressed in a way we didn’t think possible when we estimated our growth with technology three years ago. For example, with new tools we can now stay connected 24/7. Learning can happen 24/7. Providing students with regular and routine access from both school and home should drive our thinking about the future of using digital tools in Portsmouth. As we discuss, brainstorm, and blog about new technologies, it is ever more apparent to us, that we must spend time redesigning our learning environments.

Our Beliefs

Our district is driven by data and evidence-based decision making and to that end supports teaching, learning, and school management operations that use technology as a tool for data gathering, interpretation, and assessment. We believe that:

  • Student engagement in learning increases with technology
  • Learning is differentiated and active
  • Learning is collaborative and communicative
  • Learning should be available 24/7, and students are active contributors to the learning environment.
  • Instruction is driven by data
  • Digital learning resources support instruction in a personalized way.
  • Students create design, and innovate with technology tools.
  • Learning happens every day and from birth – death. Technology tools help learners discover and explore a state of continuous new knowledge and curiosities.

Our district technology vision includes using technology to renovate learning in schools when it fundamentally changes the way the school community collaborates in the education of the individual student. We must ensure technology becomes a transparent and integral part of a rich and flexible learning environment that prepares students for college, career and the workforce, and citizenship in our digital, flat, world. Students should continually be engaged in learning more about their world and its people. Technology tools help our students exchange global interchanges and appreciate cultural diversity. We must make our students global citizens and communicators in this flat world. Technology tools should be considered an instructional strategy that is used in all curricula areas. Technology tools help us operationalize our systems and business functions in all areas.

Most importantly they help us communicate with our stakeholders and collaborate with our parent customers.